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APL ENGLAND | Container Clean up & Ship Repairs

APL England, a Singapore-flagged vessel, lost 50 containers in heavy seas off the New South Wales coast whilst facing adverse weather conditions on 24 May 2020.
ANL CEO Xavier Eiglier says “there is no doubt about the number of missing containers, as the vessel is now empty, with all remaining containers safely discharged from the vessel on Wednesday 17th June. As from the very beginning, we continue to work hard, and as quickly as possible, to clean up any debris upcoming ashore.
Safety is key
On the night of the incident, the containers fell overboard at least 40 nautical miles away from the NSW shoreline and most likely sunk to a depth of 3,000m. At this depth they are unlikely to pose any danger to marine vessels in that location. But as Mr. Eiglier says, “Safety is still a priority and ANL will work with the owner of the vessel to minimize the possibility of any risk to mariners, fishermen or local communities. We are constantly monitoring the situation”.

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