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Regional summary

Shipping between Canada/ US East coast/ US West coast and Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Islands then ANL and USL has you covered with a wide range of services, great port coverage and the personalised service ANL and USL are famous for ... Call us today!

Service Loops

ServiceName Operated by PortsSchedules
PSW WC USA <> Australia New Zealand, Tahiti ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Melbourne Sydney Tauranga Papeete Oakland Longbeach Auckland NorthBound
PNW WC USA, Canada <> Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Auckland Suva Honolulu Vancouver Tacoma Oakland Longbeach Tauranga NorthBound
PANAMA USA <> Australia - New Zealand ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Papeete Lautoka Noumea Sydney Melbourne Napier Tauranga Manzanillo Savannah Philadelphia New York Kingston Panama City NorthBound

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