Asia <> Australia, NZ, PNG

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Regional Summary

ANL offers one of the most comprehensive range of direct services connecting Asia with Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. In addition, global connections through major transhipment ports means ANL can offer fast seamless connections from/to the ISC, MEG and beyond. If you need reliable, fast and efficient connections with award winning customer service talk to us today.

Service Loops

ServiceName Operated by PortsSchedules
A3N Northern Express - Japan, Korean, China and Taiwan <> Australia (A3N/AANA) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Yokohama Osaka Pusan Qingdao Shanghai Kaohsiung NorthBound
A3S Southern Express - Taiwan, South China and Hong Kong <> Australia (A3S/ACE) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Kaohsiung Xiamen Shekou Hong Kong NorthBound
A3C Central China <> Australia (A3C/SAS) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Shanghai Ningbo NorthBound
AAX South East Asia to Australia (AAX) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Fremantle Singapore Port Kelang Fremantle NorthBound
NorthBound Via Fremantle
APR Asia to PNG (APR) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Madang (alt calls) Lae Rabaul (alt calls) Port Moresby Port Kelang Singapore Jakarta NEA NorthBound
NEA SouthBound
SEA NorthBound
SEA SouthBound
PAX Perkins ANL Xpress Singapore-Dili-Darwin (PAX) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore, Darwin, Dili, Singapore NorthBound
NEMO N. Europe - Med Sea - Australia - South Asia - ISC (NEMO) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Fremantle Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Singapore Port Kelang Chennai Colombo Cochin WestBound
ANZEX Asia to New Zealand (ANZEX) ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Auckland Port Chalmers Lyttelton Napier Tauranga Hong Kong Chiwan Ningbo Shanghai Pusan NorthBound
KIX KIWI International Express ANL Singapore Pte Ltd Auckland, Tauranga, Brisbane,Singapore,Port Kelang NorthBound