ANL offers 18 shipping services to all major Oceania destinations, with coverage throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Indian Subcontinent and North America.

ANL's Complete Line & Service Scope


A3CAccess A3C Schedules

Providing multiple weekly sailings from Shanghai, ANL's A3C service also offers the fastest transit times from Shanghai and Ningbo (southbound) and from Kaohsiung and Xiamen (northbound), positioning ANL as the best choice for your North East Asia shipments.


A3NAccess A3N Schedules

Providing direct calls to China, Japan and Korea, ANL's A3N service also offers the fastest transit times from Kaohsiung to Australia, positioning ANL as the best choice for your North East Asia shipments.


A3SAccess A3S Schedules

Providing a direct call to Xiamen, ANL's A3S service also offers the fastest transit times from Shekou and Hong Kong (northbound and southbound), positioning ANL as the best choice for your North East Asia shipments.


AAX1Access AAX1 Schedules

The AAX1 service has weekly sailings from all major Australian ports i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle. Northbound, AAX1 also calls Singapore and Port Kelang connecting cargo to the MEG, ISC, SEA and NEA.


AAX2Access AAX2 Schedules

Along with AAX1, the introduction of AAX2 ensures the most comprehensive coverage between South East Asia and Australia. With the ANL network of services now including AAX2 in addition to AAX1, KIX, PAX and APR, ANL is the undisputed leader to/from South East Asia and Australia.


ANZEXAccess ANZEX Schedules

ANZEX operates between New Zealand and North East Asia via a direct call in Brisbane. ANZEX offers weekly sailings from Lyttelton, Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland and Napier.


Access ANZ W&F Schedules

Sofrana ANL offers services from both Australia and New Zealand, transhipping in Fiji for Wallis and Futuna.


APRAccess APR Schedules

ANL's APR service offers direct calls from Port Kelang, Singapore and Jakarta to the main ports of Papua New Guinea. Providing alternate calls to Madang and Rabul in addition to the fastest transit times to Madang at 11 days ex. Port Kelang and 13 days ex. Lae, the APR service provides excellent coverage of PNG.


KIXAccess KIX Schedules

KIX is one of ANL’s dedicated services between New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia, which offers broader coverage via transshipment in Port Kelang and Singapore. Providing the fastest transits ex. ex. Port Kelang (16 days) and Singapore (14 Days) to Auckland and Lyttelton, KIX also includes a direct call in Brisbane to further accommodate customer needs.


NEMOAccess NEMO Schedules

NEMO is a northbound only service that provides direct services to all major Australian hubs. The fixed weekly service also provides extensive coverage across the globe with transhipment options to South East Asia (Singapore), the Indian Subcontinent (Colombo), Middle East Gulf, North East Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and North Europe.


Access NZ FIJI Schedules

Providing a direct service from New Zealand to Fiji, calling Auckland and Tauranga in New Zealand and both Suva and Lautoka in Fiji.


PAXAccess PAX Schedules

ANL’s PAX service provides three loops rotating between Singapore, Darwin, Port Hedland, Dampier and Dili each week, with a duration of 21 days. Leveraging the transshipment hub in Singapore, ANL also offers broad connections to the Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East Gulf, Europe and North East Asia.


PCXAccess PCX Schedules

PCX offers weekly sailings from Long Beach, Oakland, Tauranga, Auckland, Sydney, and Melbourne with fortnightly calls to Vancouver, Seattle, Papeete and Adelaide. The service also provides access to an extensive inter-modal network throughout North America and immediate access to your cargo upon arrival at terminal.



SOUTHPAC provides a direct service from New Zealand to Tonga, Samoa and American Samoa.


TAHITIAccess TAHITI Schedules

ANL’s Tahiti service offers fast and direct calls between Auckland and Papeete.


TTZAccess TTZ Schedules

TTZ is a ANL's dedicated service between Australia and New Zealand. Offering competitive transit times between North and South Island in addition to a long history in the trans-Tasman, TTZ also provides several transshipment options via the Group's global network.



The Sofrana ANL WESTPAC service provides reliable and regular service between New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia with connections to other Pacific island countries, plus Eastbound and Westbound trans Tasman coverage.

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