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Service name Geographical description Schedules Sheet
A3C Central China <> Australia Schedule Of A3C Sheet of A3C
A3N Japan, Korean, China and Taiwan <> Australia Schedule Of A3N Sheet of A3N
A3S South China and Hong Kong <> Australia Schedule Of A3S Sheet of A3S
AAX1 South East Asia <> Australia Schedule Of AAX1 Sheet of AAX1
AAX2 South East Asia <> Australia Schedule Of AAX2 Sheet of AAX2
ANZEX Asia - Oceania Schedule Of ANZEX Sheet of ANZEX
ANZ-WALLIS/FUTUNA Aust/NZ via Fiji to Wallis & Futuna - Sofrana ANL Schedule Of ANZ-WALLIS/FUTUNA Sheet of ANZ-WALLIS/FUTUNA
APR Asia <> PNG Schedule Of APR Sheet of APR
KIX Singapore - Port Kelang - Australia - NZ Schedule Of KIX Sheet of KIX
NEMO N. Europe - Med Sea - Australia - South Asia - ISC Schedule Of NEMO Sheet of NEMO
NZ-FIJI NZ to Fiji - Sofrana ANL Schedule Of NZ-FIJI Sheet of NZ-FIJI
PAX Singapore-Dili-Darwin Schedule Of PAX Sheet of PAX
PCX - Pacific Coast Express West Coast USA <> Australia <> New Zealand Schedule Of PCX - Pacific Coast Express Sheet of PCX - Pacific Coast Express
SOUTHPAC NZ to Tonga, Samoa and American Samoa - Sofrana ANL Schedule Of SOUTHPAC Sheet of SOUTHPAC
TAHITI NZ to Tahiti - Sofrana ANL Schedule Of TAHITI Sheet of TAHITI
TTZ Australia <> NZ Schedule Of TTZ Sheet of TTZ
WESTPAC NZ - New Caledonia - Aust - PNG - Solomon Isls - Sofrana ANL. Schedule Of WESTPAC Sheet of WESTPAC