Boost your business efficiency by refining record accuracy

What is it?

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI allows data exchange between ANL and your company through electronic channels.

The setup does not require any change to your established process: it will simply adjust from hard-copy documents to electronic documents.

The solution streamlines the entire customer journey data: Schedules, Pricing, Booking Request, Booking Confirmation, VGM, Shipping Instructions, Bill of Leading and Tracking & Invoice.

EDI Catalog

Discover our EDI connections!

CMA CGM is used to deploy standardized EDI formats, D99B version. Other formats can also be adapted according to your needs.

Products Description EDIFACT ANSI
SCHEDULE Schedules updated on a daily basis IFTSAI 323
BOOKING REQUEST Booking request IFTMBF 300
SHIPPING ORDER Specific format for booking IFTMINB
BOOKING CONFIRMATION Booking confirmation (including any change or cancellation) IFTMBC 301
SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS Send Shipping Instructions enabling B/L establishment IFTMIN 304
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Acknowledgement of received format CONTROL
B/L DATA Bill of Leading Information IFTMCS 310
B/L PDF Receive electronic B/L under PDF format
CONTAINER TRACKING Monitor the container movements IFTSTA 315
ETA UPDATE Get estimated date and time of vessel arrival IFTSTA 315
INVOICE Handle electronic invoices IFTFCC

EDI Request

Your benefits

  • Universality

    date-timer Gain advantage from a system commonly used across the industry.

  • Volume

    door-to-door Send large volumes of documents at one time.

  • Standards

     truck The EDI format conforms with industry standards.

  • Asynchronous

    padlock Acknowledge timer-based processing data

  • Specialised implementation

    gearing Maintain your EDI with dedicated IT resources. This allows for the implementation of projects requiring particular skills and bandwidth.

  • Costs

    cost Fees may apply. Please get in touch with your sales representative for more information.

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