ANL Container Line offers the possibility to access your shipping documents online, 24/7. Through a secure access on our website, you can view, download and print your documents at anywhere, at any time.

  • Receive Notifications

    Calendar-time Choose to be notified online, via email or SMS when your shipping documents are uploaded onto your account.

  • Manage Your Documents Online

    Route Approve and request modifications to a draft B/L directly from your web account using our interactive interface.

  • Upload Your Documents

    Route These will be attached to the shipment details for quick communication with ANL, such as custom documents, health certificates, commercial invoice, packing list, letter of Credit, letter of Indemnity, letter of renouncement, bank guarantee and more.

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Online Documents Overview

  • Booking Confirmation:This document is forwarded to the booking party as a confirmation that the booking has been accepted by the carrier.
  • Drafts And Copies:Approve or request modifications to your BL drafts and consult the history of draft reviews.
  • OBL & Paperless B/L:Print Original Bill of Lading online in the comfort of your office via ANL's online services. You can also elect our Paperless B/L's which allows you to manage your B/L online.
  • Waybill:Print Waybills online in the comfort of your office via ANL's online services.
  • Notice Of Arrival:This document will help you prepare the reception of your cargo at destination.
  • Delivery Order:In several countries, the Delivery Order is compulsory to release your cargo at the destination. In your ANL account, you will always know where to keep it safe.