Price and Surcharge Updates

Carbon Cost Levy Reduction

title level=2]NOTICE TO CLIENTS

Decrease PSC (Reefers Only) – Carbon Cost Levy[/title]

Dear Customer,

As advised in our notice on the 25th August 2012, please be advised that due to the removal of the Carbon Levy, ANL have now been notified by our refrigeration suppliers that the cost of refrigerant gas used to pre-trip our reefer containers will decrease. Due to this ANL will pass back to shippers the direct savings by way of a decrease to the Port Service Charge (PSC) for Export Reefers only. This decrease will take effect from the 1st November 2014, (Please note the original Carbon Cost Levy was not introduced until 1st November 2012.)

ANL has calculated its savings due to the new refrigerant costs at A$5.93 per reefer unit exported.

Therefore, the Australian Export PSC on all Trades (except Tranztas Service where OTHC will be altered) will decrease by A$5.93 per reefer unit.

The new charge levels are below.

Please be advised that on Dry Containers any carbon costs where absorbed by ANL as previously advised.

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the ANL customer service team on the following number.

For further details please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Exports General 1800 246 246

Exports Reefer 1800 248 248

ANL Customer Service Centre Effective 1st Nov 2014


LOAD PORT TradeAmended Charge20' Reefer40' Reefer
Adelaide AAX/JAX/APXPSC $97.74 $191.74
TranztasOTHC $477.07 $585.07
NEMOPSC$108.00 $201.00
PSW/PNW/PANPSC $90.07 $163.30
Brisbane AANA/ACE/SAS/KIX/APXPSC $106.74 $212.74
AAX/JAX PSC$106.74 $212.74
TranztasOTHC $532.07 $637.07
NEMOPSC $108.00 $201.00
PSW/PNW/PANPSC $106.74$212.74
Fremantle AAX/APXPSC $115.74 $229.74
TranztasOTHC$512.07 $619.07
NEMO PSC $108.00 $201.00
PSW/PNW/PANPSC$92.07 $176.07
Melbourne AANA/ACE/SAS/KIX/APXPSC$96.74 $183.74
AAX/JAX PSC$96.74 $183.74
Tranztas OTHC $527.07 $627.07
NEMOPSC$108.00 $201.00
PSW/PNW/PAN PSC $92.07 $176.07
Sydney AANA/ACE/SAS/KIX/APXPSC$86.74$176.74
Tranztas OTHC $508.07 $599.07
NEMO PSC $108.00 $201.00
PSW/PNW/PAN PSC $86.74 $165.41
TASMANIA Refer to Melbourne Charges