Philippines Independence Day

Philippines National Day is celebrated on June 12th, which marks the country’s first attempt at independence in 1898.

Since their independence, Australia has built a long-standing relationship with the Philippines. At present, Australia is home to 250,000 citizens of Filipino heritage and holds 10,000 Filipino students in Australian universities and vocational institutions. In 2016, the bilateral relationship between the two nations achieved a huge milestone of 70 years.

All trade relationships between Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines is supported by the ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement.

Derived from the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, Australia achieved 671 million dollars of imports from the Philippines and exported, 453 million dollars of wheat, 265 million dollars of precious metal ores and concentrates, 215 million dollars of coal and 178 million dollars of beef, f.c.f.

As for the Philippines, the nation attained 2 billion Australian dollars of imports and exported 67 million dollars of electrical machinery and parts, 65 million dollars of gold, 44 million dollars of electric power machinery and parts and 30 million dollars of fruit and nuts.

Leveraging the Group’s worldwide network, ANL can assist with shipments to both Manila North and South Harbor to facilitate customer needs.

Due to their persistence to achieve independence from other larger countries, Australia and the Philippines have created a beneficial, positive, growing relationship that will continue to assist many people in the future.