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2019 Graduates and Co-Ops hit the half way point!

As a strong believer and enforcer of industry-based learning programs, ANL offers an exciting and diverse range of career opportunities for students and graduates through our 12-month Co-Operative Education (Co-Op) Program and Graduate Program, as well as our Rotation Graduate program (24 months).

To monitor progression, comfort and confidence within the program, ANL’s HR team coordinates regular group check-ins with all graduates and co-ops. The significance of these check-ins ultimately enables HR to achieve two things: a ‘retrospective’ session and discussion of a theme relevant to the workplace.

The key benefit of a retrospective largely lies in its ability to encourage team members to express and present their views effectively. Through this exercise, we provide a platform for the graduates and co-op students to celebrate their successes and advise on useful practices to overcome their difficulties.

Trade Analysis Assistant Ella Krause says “Being given the opportunity to consider and analyse both the strengths and weaknesses of our time so far is highly valuable to our development. Giving us the ability to discuss future opportunities and possibilities, such as gaining greater exposure to different departments definitely heightened my sense of hope in regards to a potential future career here at ANL." ANL places significant importance on work-integrated-learning, not only to encourage the development of specialized skillsets and knowledge, but also establishing networks with industry professionals.

During the most recent check in session, ‘networking’ was at the centre of our focus.

To gain real insight on the importance of industry connections, the graduate’s and co-ops were fortunate enough to meet with a long-standing and highly valuable member of the CMA CGM Group, Fiona Reilly. Fiona has been with the business for almost 20 years and has developed both her expertise and contact-base through various roles in various locations including Melbourne (Australia), Marseilles (France) and now with her recent appointment, Tennessee (United States). The group found this session particularly eye-opening, largely from the opportunities available within the group and the impact of good industry networks.

Networking Session

"It was a great to speak to Fiona, and insightful to hear of her progression and success throughout her time here. Her advice encouraged us to take more opportunities and make the most of our time at ANL,” said Trade Analysis Assistant Stephanie Scopece.

As a follow-on exercise, the group were encouraged to be proactive and contact a selected team member within the Group to gauge a better understanding of them in both a professional and personal sense. Several members found this interaction of great benefit.

“This task definitely showed me that each staff member really does bring something different to the table. I was fortunate enough to connect with a senior employee from another region and received genuine insight and advice on how I can best develop my career while nurturing a positive attitude and work-ethic,” said Cassandra De Palma, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

Customer Service Assistant Tim Ryan also found this experience valuable, saying “I was able to spend quality time with a previously unknown staff member to not only learn about their roles and responsibilities, but about their department as a whole. Being in customer service, I was a little limited in having exposure to other departments, so I loved having the opportunity to delve into an area that I had an interest in. My staff member was full of advice and knowledge which he was more than happy to share with me and is something I appreciate as a graduate. This activity was a great idea and I endeavour to do similar tasks throughout the year to learn about the company as much as possible.”

In the weeks to come we will continue to work with the graduate’s and co-ops to effectively develop their professionalism, confidence and skillsets through group check-ins, one-on-one meetings, training sessions, exercises, group projects and more.