World Environment Day

Respect for the environment is a key part of our long term environmental approach. The CMA CGM Group’s strategy is based on three core principles: the marine environment, the fight against climate change and the development of innovative, eco-friendly services and solutions.

In January 2020 the new IMO regulation on low sulphur, launched to reduce sulphur emissions worldwide by -85% will come into effect. As part of the CMA CGM Group, ANL will be 100% compliant with this regulation. Our efforts in this area are defined by a program called ‘ETA 2020’ – Energy Transition Ambition 2020 which will provide two key solutions.

The first solution is the implementation of LNG fuelled vessels. In essence, 9 newbuildings will be equipt with LNG which is expected to be delivered in Q2 2020. Collectively this will ensure -99% supher emissions, -99% particulate matters, -85% nitrogen oxide emissions and up to 25% less CO2.

As a supplementary, our second solution is to clean the emissions. On more than 400 vessels, exhaust gas cleaning systems will be fitted which will allow the use of 3.5% fuel and will then clean the exhaust gas.

Secondary to the upcoming initative of IMO2020, the CMA CGM Group have also implemented several additional changes to support the environment, which included:

• A world premiere test of marine bio-fuel oil which is expected to deliver 80- 90% well-to-propeller CO2 reduction versus fossil equivalents, and it virtually eliminates sulphur oxide emissions, all without any requirement for engine modifications

• Reducing CO2 emissions per container transported by 50% between 2015 and 2025

• Reducing CO2 emissions per container transpored by a further 17% since 2015

• Becoming part of the world’s 1% most responsible companies in its sector and of the top 5% across all sector according to the CSR ratings agency Ecovadis

• Being awarded for the fourth consecutive year Ecovadis’ highest distinction, the “Gold Recognition Level”

Moving forward, protecting the environment will remain a key focus for both ANL and the Group collectively, with particular focus on the oceans. Making up a total of 71% of the earth’s service it is imperative that we as shipping leaders continue to strive to better the environment, and onboard the challenges facing the supply chain as a whole.