Price and Surcharge Updates

BAF Effective 1st July 2019

BAF Effective 1st July 2019

Bunker is one of the important cost components for a container shipping line. And as you are aware, IFO 380 price has shown strong fluctuations in the recent months.

In addition, a new IMO (International Maritime Organization) low sulphur regulation will be applied to all container shipping companies effective 1st January 2020. The regulation stipulates a maximum sulphur content threshold of 0.5% for marine fuels over 100% of the sea distance for any maritime services including all ANL services.

On 1st January 2019, ANL moved to a quarterly Bunker Adjustment Formula (BAF).

BAF quantum applicable from 1st July 2019 will be calculated based on the IFO USD 425 per ton.

Please see consolidated Q3 BAF* levels below:

US/Canada East Coast & US Gulf to/from AU/NZ/PNG/ Pacific Islands 488** 488**
Australia to/from NZ 34 (eastbound) 129 (westbound)
PNG to/from Asia (APR) 243243
Darwin/Dili to/from Asia (PAX) 264264
Australia Coastal 52 AUD 52 AUD
New Zealand Coastal 28 NZD 28 NZD
AU/NZ to/from Europe 467 (westbound)**552 (eastbound)**
Pacific Islands to/from Asia 75 225

* per TEU in USD (unless other currency specified).

** Reefer Consumption Surcharge (RCS) at 20% BAF also applies.

Please review the below links for full BAF tables:

SEA/NEA/ISC/ME Gulf to/from AU/NZ/Pacific Islands

Your text to link here...Australia to/from NZPNG to/from Asia (APR)Darwin/Dili to/from Asia (PAX)AU CoastalNZ CoastalAU/NZ to Adriatic/Baltic& Scan/Black Sea/Med/North Europe