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ANL NEMO Service Upgrade

NEMO Service Upgrade

ANL wish to confirm the upgrade of the NEMO service.

Effective Mid-September 2019, the upgrades will improve service levels from North Europe and Mediterranean to Australia. With further improvements on the Northbound leg from Australia to South-East-Asia / India Sub Continent and Europe.

The upgraded NEMO service will operate a fleet of 14 vessels with 9500 TEU capacity.

The rotation will be:

• London Gateway,

• Rotterdam,

• Hamburg,

• Antwerp,

• Le Havre,

• Fos sur mer,

• La Spezia,

• Genoa,

• Port Said West,

• Sydney,

• Melbourne,

• Adelaide,

• Fremantle,

• Singapore,

• Colombo,

• Port Said West,

• Valencia,

• Sines back to London.

Nemo September 2019

South East India ports will be connected to the service with dedicated feeders through Colombo.

This new set up will improve customer experience by offering a premium and direct service between Europe and Australia as well as faster transit-time from Australia, south-east-Asia / south-east India to Europe.