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KIX Service - Kota Lihat Delayed

KIX Service - Kota Lihat Delay

Please be advised that the Kota Lihat V699 / 700 has been delayed due to poor weather on route to South East Asia.

Revised dates are as follow:

[tbable][line]Port|ETA| ETD[line] [line]PKG|8-Mar|10-Mar[line] [line]SIN|10-Mar|12-Mar [line] [line]BNE|21-Mar|23-Mar [line] [line]AKL|26-Mar|27-Mar [line] [line]LYT|29-Mar|30-Mar [line] [line]WLG|30-Mar|31-Mar [line] [line]NPE|31-Mar|1-Apr[line] [line]TRG|1-Apr|2-Apr[line]

Please be guided accordingly.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to you and your clients.

For further information, please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Exports General 1800 246 246

Exports Reefer 1800 248 248

Imports 1800 245 245

ANL Customer Service Centre