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KIX Service – Seadream V153 Omit Lyttelton

22nd October 2018

No[line]First Column... | Second Column...[/line]tice to Shippers KIX Service Seadream V153 Omit Lyttelton

Please be advised that the Seadream V153 will omit Lyttelton in order to recover schedule due to delays from congestion in New Zealand.

Cargo for ex Brisbane for Lyttelton can be directed to the Sima Giselle V237S ETD 5th November or Seasmile V071S ETD 6th November.

Revised dates are as follows:

[table][line]BNE| ETA|1-Nov[/line] [line] | ETD|2-Nov[/line] [line]AKL| ETA|6-Nov[/line] [line]| ETD|7-Nov[/line] [line]LYT| ETA|OMIT[/line] [line]| ETD|OMIT[/line] [/[line]WLG| ETA|9-Nov[/line] [line]| ETD|9-Nov[/line]table][line] [line]NPE|10-Nov[/line] [line| |ETD |11-Nov[/line] [line]TRG| ETA|11-Nov[/line] [line| |ETD|12-Nov[/line]