A3 Service Upgrade

ANL is pleased to announce that we will upgrade the A3 product to provide a more competitive service in both directions and a comprehensive coverage in the North East Asia / Australia market commencing August 2018. Service details are as follows:

a. A3N – current port rotation will remain unchanged

Yokohama - Osaka - Busan - Qingdao - Shanghai - Kaohsiung - Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Yokohama

b. A3C – effective from voyage ETA Shanghai 9th August the port rotation will include additional Northbound calls as follows:

Shanghai – Ningbo – Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Kaohsiung –Xiamen- Ningbo- Shanghai

c. A3S – effective from voyage ETA Xiamen 10th August the port rotation will be as follows:

Xiamen – Shekou – Hong Kong – Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Xiamen

For further information, please contact our local sales representatives.

Thank you for your continued support.