eBusiness Dashboard

The dashboard, Real Time Shipment Follow Ups

Available for bookings, Shipping Instructions and transaction management, the dashboard, central tool of navigation in our eBusiness platform allows the customer to see all features in order to be more efficient while following-up on freight.

Filters on main frames or customizable views make dashboard suitable and adaptable for all segments of our customers, easy to use and comprehensive in delivering expectations…

The main features are:

  • A global and direct view of essential information: booking number, POL/POD, ETA, Type of BL, BL status, Import/Export documents...;
  • Quick access to information: the dashboard is customizable according to the customer requirements with options for sorting, filters and referential alignments.
  • Transfer data by downloading dashboards on excel or pdf files in order to extract statistics for effective in house file management;
  • Creation of favorites in order to quickly access information;
  • A customization of views with access to your own documents (Eg; a booking confirmation). Also, it provides provisions to create new views based on customer requirements, POL /POD, booking numbers, quotes...

With a real competitive edge, this tool offers customers many innovative solutions for all their in-house requirements. If you would like more information on ebusiness services, contact our Customer Support or connect to our eBusiness platform.