Price and Surcharge Updates

ANL SA 16-114 SB - GRI ex USWEC and Gulf

November 23, 2016

--- GRI ex US West, East & Gulf Coasts ---

Effective January 16, 2017, ANL will implement a General Rate Increase (GRI) in the direct Southbound Trade, covering Dry & Reefer cargo ex the United States via West, East and Gulf Coast gateways to Australia and New Zealand as follows:

From: US West, East and Gulf Coast POLs, or Inland points via said Ports To: Australia or New Zealand

US $200/20’ and US $400/40’

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note this will not cover cargo to Fiji, Tahiti and Papua New Guinea (South Pacific Islands).

This charge will apply to all equipment which is received and moving under an ANL bill of lading on or after January 16, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact your ANL representative.

We appreciate your continued support of ANL!

Service Announcement #16-114

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