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CMA CGM Group announces brand restructuring of Asia/Europe, Asia/Med and Europe/India services

Notice to customers
CMA CGM Group announces brand restructuring of Asia/Europe, Asia/Med and Europe/India services

To all our valued Customers,

Following the APL acquisition, CMA CGM Group has decided to review its branding strategy to clarify its presence on the different trades.

Starting October 2016, CMA CGM Group will streamline its branding on the Asia/Europe, Asia/Med and India/Europe trade lanes.

As a result, as of September 30th, ANL will cease its operations on:

- FAL, MEX and BEX services, transferring allocation entitlement on these 3 services to CMA CGM

- EPIC and MEDEX service transferring allocation entitlement to APL

ANL will remain active on both the CIMEX (Far East / Middle East Gulf) and NEMO (Europe / Oceania / South East Asia / Indian Subcontinent) trade lanes.

For FAL, MEX, BEX, EPIC and MEDEX services, the last voyages to be offered by ANL are as follows:

FAL • FAL 1 WB - CC VESPUCCI 110FLW at TXG 28/09/2016

• FAL 1 EB - CC B Franklin 123FLE at GBSOU 25 /09/2016

• FAL 23 WB – CSCL STAR 101FFW at SHA 27/09/2016

• FAL 23 EB - CSCL Jupiter 092FFE at FRLEH 23/09/2016

• FAL 8 WB – AL NEFUD 139SCW at TAO 30/09/2016

• FAL 8 EB - CSCL A OCEAN 130SCE at GBFLX 30/09/2016

MED • MEX 1 WB - CMA CGM MUSCA 139MEW ref CNDLC 30/09/2016

• MEX 1 EB - CMA CGM ANDROMEDA 128MEE ref ESVLC 26/09/2016

• MEX 2 WB - AL DHALIL 1352MW ref CNTAO 25/09/2016

• MEX 2 EB - COSCO HARMONY 1282ME ref ITSPE 30/09/2016

• BEX WB - MARIA XL 153BXW ref KRKAN 27/09/2016

• BEX EB - CMA CGM LOIRE 146BXE ref TRISK 27/09/2016


• EPIC EB - MSC Antalya 012EGE at DP World Southampton 24/09/2016

• EPIC WB - MSC Alghero 019EGW at DPW Port Quasim 27/09/2016


• MEDEX WB – UASC Al Kharj at KFK le 29/09

• MEDEX EB - UASC Al Safat at La Spezzia le 22/09

The CMA CGM, APL and ANL teams are committed to making sure this branding restructuring will have no impact on our service or commercial operations for you, and to ensuring a smooth transition. Our number one priority is to guarantee quality, customer care and the service levels you have been experiencing with the group and which will meet your expectations.

We also take this opportunity to emphasise that there will be no further changes to branding of ANL’s existing North/South services, nor to ANL’s Oceania/USA services (currently branded as US Lines). ANL will continue to operate these services as before, however should you have any queries, please contact your local ANL sales representative for clarification.

Thank you for your cargo support to the CMA CGM Group.

ANL Customer Service Centre