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23rd May 2016

Notice to Shippers

Customs Delay Fee- U.S. West Coast Import Rail Cargo

All import cargo arriving at West Coast ports that will be moving inland by rail must be authorized by U.S. CBP to move inland no later than 11:59 p.m. the day prior to vessel arrival. Failure to receive such authorization will result in a fee of $150.00 per container. The fee shall not apply if the failure to receive timely authorization is solely due to carrier error.

Customs Delay Costs- All Coasts Import Rail Cargo Additionally, all import rail cargo, originating from any port of discharge in the U.S., placed on a customs hold upon arrival to the port of discharge, will be at the shipper’s sole risk, cost and expense. Shipper will be liable for all charges associated with the container on customs hold, including but not limited to, movement of the container to an off-dock rail site, additional charges incurred due to alternate rail routing, port demurrage and/or storage, etc.

Once the import rail cargo is customs cleared at the port of discharge, and is awaiting movement inland on the rail, and unless the container is too heavy to legally move from the port of discharge on the road, the shipper shall have the option to either, (1) request carrier to move the container to the off-dock rail facility, at its sole cost and expense or (2) allow the container to remain on dock. In either case, demurrage, storage and any other applicable tariff charges shall apply.

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