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15th February 2016


Recently POAH (Ports America Outer Harbor) Oakland Terminal advised that they would cease operations and that ANL-USL, together with our Oceania Vessel Sharing Partners, would have to seek an alternative facility in Oakland.

Today we are pleased to advise that effective 1st April 2016 we will transition to the nearby Stevedore Services of America’s OICT facility (Oakland International Container Terminal), operating from the POAH facility in the interim.

The specific voyages surrounding the conversion are as follows:

Last vessels at PAOH:

PSW: ANL Bindaree 470N/477S in Oakland Wed/Thu 30/31 March

PNW: BSL Limassol 947N/951S in Oakland Tue 22 March

First vessels at OICT:

PSW: Kota Ekspres 471N/478S in Oakland Wed/Thu 6/7 April – ERD – March 30 (ERD = First Export Receiving Date / 5 days before vessel arrival)

PNW: Cap Pasado 948N/952S in Oakland Tue 5 April – ERD – March 29

A copy of the Port of Oakland Facilities Map is attached for your ready reference. As promised, there will be no service disruption as we orchestrate this terminal move.

We take opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

If you require any further information, please contact your local ANL sales team member.

Reefer Cargo 1800 248 248

General Cargo 1800 246 246

Imports 1800 245 245

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