New enhancements to your eBusiness website

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the latest upgrades in our eBusiness platform:

  • Booking requests: less clicks in the Container & Cargo section
  • Enhanced dashboard display: New filters available
  • My homepage pie charts: A graphical look at your shipments
  • Export your Container list: PDF and spreadsheet
  • Local Website: 6 new local sites

Booking Requests: less clicks in the Container & Cargo section

As part of our dedication to improve our products, we have redesigned the way you input containers in the booking request process.

We believe this new design will make booking requests even easier.

  • A better display: We removed several labels and blocks to keep it as simple as it should be.
  • Less clicking required: We removed the validation button, so you can input your information faster.
  • A simpler screen: we optimized the layout of the fields to make the screen more intuitive.

booking request enhancements

Enhanced Dashboard Display – New filter components

eBusiness dashboards are at the core of your online center, so we have paid particular attention to improving these screens.

In our last upgrade to the site, we had it ‘remember’ your column selections. In our latest upgrade, we made the filter even easier to use—just input your filter value in the header line. The calendar can be done in one click instead of two.

On line business center

My Homepage pie charts – A graphical look

Initiative and imagination are part of our core values. This year we introduced “My Homepage” to your eBusiness center. This fully customizable dashboard is designed to be your anchor point for all your eBusiness activity with ANL.

In this upgrade, we deliver a graphical enhancement to the Booking and Shipping Instruction widgets that allows you to display your data in pie charts. Your Booking and Shipping Instruction dashboards already have customizable features. Combine these with the new pie charts and your business data has never been so accessible.

To get connected to your home page click on the following link. (you must be connected to access)

on line business center

Export your Container List – PDF and spreadsheet

Because exporting and sharing your tracking data is crucial in your day-to-day work, you are able to export your full Container List. Select PDF or CSV formats for your download.

export your container list cma cgm

Local Websites – 6 new local sites

As a true global carrier, it has always been important to us to stay close to local office’s business specificities. Since launching the new website 2 years ago, we have constantly increased the number of local sites accessible through the Local Office menu.

The Local Offices menu lists countries in which we have offices. Click on the country to get the local office information and other local information.

local office

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