Safety and Security

Container Labelling - Hazardous Cargo

17th November 2015

Notice To Shippers
Hazardous Cargo / Correct Container Labelling

Please be advised that we are finding that many packers are omitting to ensure appropriate placards are placed on Hazardous containers before delivery to the terminal. This consequently causes a major problem at the time of receival/loading on board the vessel and in some instances at the port of discharge.

When the terminal or the vessel report this to ANL, we have no choice but to supply the appropriate placards as a matter of urgency or run the risk of container being rejected from loading and actually discharged in the event it had already been loaded.

This unfortunately creates extra work for the ANL operations staff that has to organise to supply any missing hazardous labels / placards to ensure shipment goes ahead. In most cases ANL do not have these placards in stock and consequently have to purchase them accordingly.

In light of this continual problem ANL have no choice but to introduce the following charges commencing as of the 15th December 2015

• USD$50 per container - Administration Fee

• USD$25 per label / sticker

• Plus any other cost relating to the problem which could entail and not limited to the following.

*Terminal yard moves

*Discharge costs from vessel

*Fines / penalties from authorities

*Any other related charges

To avoid these unnecessary costs we would appreciate if shippers can remind their packers of the serious nature of not placarding containers properly and that hazardous procedures are followed before containers are delivered to the terminal.

As you would be aware there can be serious ramifications from miss declaration of hazardous containers and we appreciate your co-operation with this issue.

For further details please contact our customer Service centre on;

Exports General 1800 246 246

Exports Reefer 1800 248 248

ANL Customer Service Centre