eBusiness Notification Centre Setup

The Notification Centre offers:

  • proactive communications aligned with all business streams connecting all areas of transaction and documentation management.
  • full shipment visibility.
  • any change in shipment status.
  • alert you when related documentation is available.


The list of the notifications available:

notification list

Notifications are fully customizable by event so that you can set the parameters of the feeds you want, when you want them, how you want them - covering your individual needs and requirements.

Preferences allow you to indicate how you would like to receive your alerts either via our e-Business web dashboard or by direct e-mail to your desktop inbox or even both. There is even an option to subscribe to notifications at either company or individual user level.

Setup your alerts:

notification setup 1

notification setup 2

notification setup 3

Consult your alerts:

notification consult 1

notification consult 2

notification consult 3

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