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New Japan Customs Regulations

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New Japan Customs 24 Hour Advance Manifest Regulations

Effective 1st March 2014

Please be advised that Japan Customs authorities will be introducing new regulations in regards to compulsory advance manifesting effective from 1st March 2014. The “24 Hour” rule for the Manifest transmission for export cargoes to Japan and any cargoes transhipping in Japan will now be required to be reported by the Carrier to Japan Customs 24 hours before any vessel commences loading in each Australian port.

In light of this it will now be mandatory for shippers to provide correct details incorporating the following information on the Forwarding Instruction.

• Shipper’s full style name and address

• Consignee’s full style name and address (unless to order)

• Notify party’s full style name and address (incl. telephone if consignee is to order) • Container number

• Seal number

• Number of packages

• Cargo gross weight

• UN dangerous goods code for shipments containing hazardous goods

• Cargo description and HS code at a minimum of 6 digits

• Break-bulk cargo and empty container (SOC and COC) will not be considered at the moment under that regulation.

• Proforma details will not be allowed or accepted.

Note: Filing of the master B/Ladings remains carrier’s responsibility, NVOCC’s will be responsible to file details of their House Bills Of Lading directly to Japan Customs.

As this information needs to be sent to Japan Customs 24 hours prior to the vessel arriving at the Port of loading, ANL will require all Forwarding Instructions, emailed to within 72 hours prior to vessel arrival at Australian load port to give us the time to manifest and send to Japan Customs within their deadlines

Failure to comply with these rules may mean that ANL will not be in a position to load any containers that have not been manifested properly within the time frame required. We would also like to emphasise that any late transmissions may incur fines which will have to be on-passed to the responsible party.

An advanced Manifest Lodgement Fee of $25.00 Per B/L will also be applicable.

First effective vessels will be as follows.

• Sydney - ANL Wyong V055N ETD 1st March

• Brisbane - ANL Wyong V 055N ETD 3rd March

• Melbourne - ANL Warrain V054N ETD 5th March

Thanking you for your co-operation and continued support.

For further details please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Export Reefer Cargo 1800 246 248

Export General Cargo 1800 246 246

ANL Customer Service Centre