TTZ Service - ANL Euroa V1509 Change of Rotation in NZ

17th April 2015

Notice to Shippers
Tranztas Service
ANL Euroa V1509 Change of Port Rotation In New Zealand

Please be advised that due to adverse weather in New Zealand the ANL Euroa V1509 has been delayed and will change port rotation to assist with schedule recovery.

Revised dates in New Zealand are as follows:

NSN ETBSat18-Apr 09:00
ETDSat18-Apr 20:00
WLG ETBSun19-Apr 07:30
ETDSun19-Apr 15:00
LYTETBTue21-Apr 04:00
ETDTue21-Apr 18:00
TRG ETBThu23-Apr 10:00
ETDFri24-Apr 02:00

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to you and your clients.

For further details please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Exports General 1800 246 246

Exports Reefer 1800 248 248

ANL Customer Service Centre