ANL Launches Outdoor Container Art Exhibition: Life Below Water

  • ‘Life Below Water’ aims to raise awareness for the protection of marine biodiversity throughout Oceania
  • ‘Life Below Water’ features eight painted shipping containers that highlight the cultural diversity and appreciation of the ocean, with the artwork being created by artists across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, New Caledonia & French Polynesia
  • The exhibition will be in Melbourne located on Harbour Esplanade, Docklands from 12th November 2021

Worldwide, ANL as part of the CMA CGM Group is pursuing a strategy of building a more efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chains in our capacity as an international shipping operator Capitalising on the business’s key sustainability pillars of Acting for People, Planet and Fair Trade, the organisation is taking practical measures in the road to 2050 carbon neutrality while also safeguarding marine biodiversity.

The container art exhibition titled ‘Life Below Water’ aims to create awareness for the protection of marine biodiversity throughout Oceania. Consisting of eight painted containers, each mural has been created by an artist of different cultural background and style, showcasing both the rich appreciation for life below water shared by the diverse cultural mix seen in the Oceania region.

MD of ANL, Shane Walden says “With Australian roots, ANL has a particularly strong association with The Great Barrier Reef."

"As an integral part of our oceans, ANL launched the Reef Recovery program in 2020. This program supports regeneration of bleached tranches of The Great Barrier Reef and was the first step in a now global program. While we’re very proud of this program it’s one step in a journey of many in our mission to protect our natural environment while driving innovation to reduce our carbon footprint."

The 11 chosen artists come from various backgrounds and have embraced their artwork though modern photography, portraiture of marine biodiversity heroes, traditional mythology and legends as well as significant totems.

Check them out via the links below!

From Australia:

From New Zealand:

From New Caledonia:

Jordy & Charp

From Papua New Guinea:

Arison Kul

From Timor-Leste:

Arte Moris Free Art School

From French Polynesia: