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Australia: NEMO Service – APL Miami MA139R – Change Rotation Cancelled / Northern Javelin MA140R – Omit Adelaide & Fremantle

Dear Valued Customer,

Further to our notice dated 5th October, please be advised that the APL Miami MA139R will no longer change rotation and will proceed with its standard SYD/MEL/ADL/FRE rotation.

Due to ongoing delays it will now slide back 1 week during the Australian rotation to take the position of Northern Javelin MA140R. Consequently, the Northern Javelin MA140R will omit Adelaide and Fremantle to rectify the schedule.

Revised Australian Coastal schedule is as follows:

APL Miami MA139R


Northern Javelin MA140R


In order to accommodate all export cargo, all cargo ex Melbourne for the APL Miami MA139 will now proceed on the Northern Javelin MA140R. All cargo ex Adelaide and Fremantle for the Northern Javelin MA140R will now proceed on the APL Miami MA139R.

Please check with local terminals for the latest receival information at respective ports. Our Customer Care Team will be in contact with impacted parties where required.

For further details please contact your local ANL & CMA CGM Representative.

Thank you for your business and continued support.