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Notice - PCX Service – Schedule Restoration and Changes to Voyage Numbers

For many months our customers have been impacted by severe delays on the PCX service in both North America and Oceania. While a number of mitigation measures have been undertaken including the omissions of calls in AU, NZ and US. Unfortunately these measures have not been sufficient to keep vessels within the required nine week rotation. As such, the PCX Vessel Operating Partners have decided to slide the vessels in our voyage sequence.

Upcoming voyage references will be adjusted from the ANL Warrnambool V141N as follows:

Vessel Old Voyage Number New Voyage Number
ANL Warrnambool 141N / 137S 145N / 141S
Mate 142N / 138S 146N / 142S
Cap Jervis 143N / 141S 147N / 143S
Conti Cordoba 144N / 140S 148N / 144S
Synergy Oakland 145N / 141S 149N / 145S
Synergy Keelung 146N / 142S 150N / 146S
Debussy 147N / 143S 151N / 147S
Northern Guild 148N / 144S 152N / 148S
London Express 149N / 145S 201N / 149S

The ANL and CMA CGM Customer Service Team will be in touch with updated booking confirmations for affected vessels shortly

ANL & CMA CGM Customer Care Centre.