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Rates & Tariffs Australian Export Documentation Fee

ANL & CMA CGM wish to advise that effective July 15th 2021, the Export Documentation Fee will be adjusted to AUD $150 per BL when both bookings and Shipping instructions are received manually via e-mail, phone or non EDI means.

This fee will continue to be discounted under the following conditions:

  • AUD $60 when both bookings plus Shipping Instructions are received electronically via the ANL or CMA CGM website, INTTRA, CargoSmart, GT Nexus, EDI.
  • AUD $85 when only Bookings OR Shipping Instructions are received electronically (one only).

To learn more about how to submit bookings & Shipping instructions electronically and benefit from a discounted documentation fee, please contact our eBusiness team at:

For further information please contact your local sales representative.

ANL & CMA CGM Customer Care Centre.