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2021 Citrus Outlook in Australia


Attaining good rainfall in 2020, the 2021 Australian citrus harvest is looking up – expecting to rise approximately 10%.

At present, the orange harvest is estimated at 535,000 tons with mandarins sitting at 175,000 tons (1). Achieving a 10% increase from the drought-affected 2019/2020 season, orange and mandarin export are expected to reach 195,000 tons and 80,000 tons respectively, achieving a three percent rise than the equally strong 2019/2020 season – a fantastic result for our citrus growers (1).


In South Australia specifically, approximately 90% of the longstanding fruit fly free area status has been suspended to October of this year due to the unfortunate periodic outbreaks over the summer period. As a result, shippers will now incur greater demand for cold treatment (i.e. CSIT) shipments in addition to those already sourced from the Australian East Coast regions into designated markets requiring cold sterilisation protocols such as China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA and more.

Cold Treatment Services:

Cold treatment or CSIT (Cold Sterilisation in Transit) enables the transport of fruit without the threat of insects, larvae and eggs being carried to its destination. This service is facilitated by lowering the fruit pulp temperature under a specified level and maintained for a selected period of time, preserving the quality of the fruit by using natural, environmentally friendly methods.

The Solution:

Using ANL & CMA CGM’s Cold Treatment services, exporters can preserve their cargo quality by naturally exterminating all insect and larvae. During their shipment, the CMA CGM Group offers the option to gradually step up the set temperature once the quarantine period is complete, avoiding unnecessary stress on the fruit.

The Group also assures that a cold treatment service failure will have no negative impacts on business due to the ‘Cold Treatment Guarantee’, which compensates:

  • Additional costs for a second treatment process
  • Extra expenses (i.e. storage, handling charges, plugging costs etc.)
  • Loss of profits
  • Rerouting expenses
  • Damages to your goods

In addition, the standard guarantee can also be upgraded upon request for a higher covered value.

ANL & CMA CGM’s State Manager (SA) & National Reefer Manager Glenn Harvey says “ANL & CMA CGM have heavily invested in staff expertise over a number of years, establishing gold standard cold treatment procedures which are recognised as market leading solutions from Australia to all regions sourcing our premium citrus products. As a Group, we have full confidence in our product and promise our customers a reliable service that will maintain product freshness throughout the entire transport journey.”

Contact your local ANL & CMA CGM representative to discuss your upcoming citrus shipment today.

1. “Australian citrus harvest to rise by 10%”, Fresh Plaza, 8th January 2021