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Sofrana Surville V269S / V270N – Delay

Dear Valued Customers

Please be advised that the Sofrana Surville is scheduled to undergo a regular mandatory hull clean prior to entering NZ territorial waters to complete V269 South / commence V270 North.

As always, the length of time that this will take to complete will be very much dependent on weather and sea conditions. The hull clean is expected to commence on the morning of 14 March. We estimate a best case scenario of 3-4 days to complete this, giving ETA TRG as 17-18 March / Auckland 19-20 March / New Caledonia 24 March / Brisbane 27-28 March, and then onwards to PNG and the Solomon Islands.

These dates are estimates based on information to hand, but do remain subject to change in accordance with the length of time that the hull clean takes. Your local Sofrana ANL representatives will provide further updates as and when the dates become clearer, however this may not be until early next week. We will reflect these changes in our next schedule update.

We thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your continued support.