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Chinese New Year 2021 Schedule Recovery Programme *Update*

Dear Customer,

Please note for Schedule Recovery measures the below Vessels/Voyages will have revised dates in Australia, full details are listed per below.

A3 – Northern Express

Xin Dalian 136s will phase in from Busan ETA 17/02 - ETA Melbourne 09/03 (Schedule remains unchanged) and will replace the OOCL Shanghai 058s position.

OOCL Shanghai 058s will slide by 1 week into the COSCO TBN Position

A3 – Central Express

COSCO Indonesia 100s will phase out from Shanghai ETA 18/02

Seamax Stratford 106s to slide by 2 weeks - ETA Shanghai 26/02 – ETA Sydney 11/03

OOCL Beijing 086s will phase out and be replaced by the OOCL Canada 082s

OOCL Canada 082s will phase in from Shanghai ETA 04/03 – ETA Sydney 18/03

A3 – Southern Express

Service will slide by 1 week from COSCO Felixstowe v164s – ETA Xiamen 26/02 - ETA Sydney 13/03


Service will slide by 1 week from Northern Guild v339s - ETA Shanghai 21/02 – ETA Brisbane 09/03

Our Customer Care Team will be in contact with impacted parties and is available to discuss alternate options during this period.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to you and your clients.

For further information, please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Exports General 1800 246 246

Exports Reefer 1800 248 248

Imports 1800 245 245

ANL & CMA CGM Customer Care Team