ANL launches Reef Recovery Program to support the Great Barrier Reef

  • ANL, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, has a strong association with Australia, the ocean and The Great Barrier Reef
  • ANL partners with Reef Restoration Foundation to aid coral regeneration
  • Reef Recovery Program takes first steps with set up of ANL Coral Nursery at Fitzroy Island

ANL, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, is proud to announce the first steps in a program called Reef Recovery. As an expert of Oceania shipping, ANL shares the CMA CGM Group’s core principles regarding the sustainable use of the oceans and respect for marine life and biodiversity. With a long history in Australia, ANL is concerned by the plight of The Great Barrier Reef. ANL’s Reef Recovery Program seeks to aid in the coral reef’s regeneration and help alleviate impacts of the multiple coral bleaching events that have occurred in the last few years.

ANL’s Coral Nursery

Core to this program is a relationship with Reef Restoration Foundation, a not-for profit social enterprise based in Cairns, Australia. ANL, working with the Reef Restoration Foundation is going to establish a fast-growing coral nursery just off the coast of Queensland at Fitzroy Island. This coral nursery will be tended to by a team of experts throughout the year to quickly produce mature coral to be placed back on the Great Barrier Reef. Shane Walden CEO of ANL says, “this is very important to ANL, the CMA CGM Group and every one of our team members, we want to act for the planet and dive headfirst into the coral regeneration journey right here in our backyard with this partnership.”

This project is a first stone in a larger dynamic around coral restoration. The CMA CGM Group will engage in 2021 in various similar projects in different parts of the world, notably in the Caribbean.

Reef Recovery

A Global Approach

During 2020 the CMA CGM Group and its subsidiaries around the globe aligned their sustainability actions within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Xavier Eiglier, CMA CGM Group Executive says, “the CMA CGM Group and all its employees are committed to acting for people, planet and responsible trade." He adds, "The sustainable use of the oceans and respect for marine life and biodiversity are part of our core principles.”

Supporting the Regeneration of the Great Barrier Reef

Shane Walden, says, “With Australian roots, we have a strong association with the Great Barrier Reef. Coral is the lung of the ocean and the condition of underwater life. While the reef is under significant environmental pressure, ANL has the opportunity and the capability to help its regeneration and we’re very enthusiastic to do so.”

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