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ANL & FLS Projects Successfully Transport 14 Mining Trucks

Over the last 3 months, ANL Container Line and FLS Projects worked closely to transport 14 mining trucks totaling 1,440 freight tonnes of break bulk and 250 freight tonnes OOG cargo from Darwin, Australia to Halifax, Canada via transshipment in Singapore.

Combining experience and expertise, ANL was able to provide FLS Projects with 30 soft lashings, 32 D-ring lashing points, 40 wooden wedges and other instruments to secure the cargo, ensuring total stability during transit.

ANL’s State Manager (Northern Territory) James Geddes says “Break-bulk movements rely on quality communication between the Master, stevedores and the shipping line. The concise instruction provided by the Projects and Special Cargo division made this two-part loading a safe, efficient and well-coordinated shipment. It highlights the level of agility within the CMA CGM Group to manage all types of cargoes across a range of vessels and trades and exposes our capacity to facilitate a diverse range of cargo movements almost anywhere in the world.”

CEO of ANL, Xavier Eiglier says “On average, ANL carried in excess of 20,000 TEUs equivalent beak-bulk or Out of Gauge each year. Only see this number growing as our ability to connect our customers with the global CMA CGM Group network continues. “Furthermore, our commitment to providing connections into and out of traditional bulk ports will see expansion this year. ANL will continue to be a good fit for those needing to move machinery, mining equipment and project cargo.”

The mining trucks were moved from a recently closed gold mine in the Northern Territory and will be reused in an expanded mine located in Northern Ontario.

Thomas Arden of FLS Projects says, “Cargo such as this is usually transported by Ro-Ro or break-bulk vessel. However, collaboratively we came up with a solution to ship on a container vessel which effectively halved the transit time and reduced overall transport costs.”

Laura Pembroke FLS operations manager commented “Working alongside our Canadian partner we were able to provide an end to end solution for the client with seamless efficiency during operations in both Australia and Canada."

Thanks to ANL and CMA CGM Group Agencies for working together with FLS to investigate the early complexities of using container shipping for these cargoes, providing a workable commercial arrangement and on the ground operational support required to safely and effective handling these cargoes at load port, transshipment and the discharge.

On board the PAX service, ANL and FLS successfully transshipped the break-bulk cargo at Jurong Port, which arrived in Halifax, Canada on 15th August.

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