Services Updates

A3 – Northern Express - APL Scotland V052N - Change Rotation - Australia / V053N Omit Melbourne

Please be advised that the APL Scotland V052N will change rotation and now call Brisbane prior to Sydney in order to mitigate expected delays due to current poor weather off the Australian East Coast.

Additionally, the APL Scotland V053N will omit Melbourne in order to rectify the schedule.

Revised forward schedule is as follow:

MEL ETA 26-Jul
052N ETD 29-Jul
BNE ETA 01-Aug
ETD 03-Aug
SYD ETA 05-Aug
ETD 06-Aug
YOK ETA 16-Aug
053S ETD 16-Aug
OSA ETA 17-Aug
ETD 17-Aug
PUS ETA 19-Aug
ETD 20-Aug
TAO ETA 21-Aug
ETD 22-Aug
SHA ETA 24-Aug
ETD 24-Aug
KHH ETA 26-Aug
ETD 26-Aug
SYD ETA 05-Sep
053N ETD 07-Sep
BNE ETA 08-Sep
ETD 10-Sep
YOK ETA 20-Sep

Our Customer Service Team will be in contact with impacted parties to discuss revised vessel options accordingly.

For further details please contact our Customer care Teams on:

Imports 1800 245 245

Exports General 1800 246 246

Export Reefer 1800 248 248

Bookings 1800 249 249

ANL & CMA CGM Customer Care Centre.