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Victoria Continues To Prioritise PPE Supply

ANL and C.H Robinson continue to work behind the scenes to ensure that Victorians have a sufficient supply of personal protection equipment (PPE) should a second wave of COVID-19 affect the state.

Navigating the logistical complexities of importing PPE from China was a challenge that C.H. Robinson, one of the world’s largest third-party logistics providers, easily solved thanks to its extensive customs expertise.

With stockpiles sufficient, C.H. Robinson had the task of ensuring the levels of PPE remained that way.

With space on sea freight a premium for Asian routes, C.H. Robinson enlisted the support of their critical shippingpartner ANL to locate and allocate priorty space.

Through C.H. Robinson’s coordination with their partner ANL, the first shipment of examination gloves successfully made their way to the Health Department’s storage facility where they will be readily available for all Victorian healthcare workers.

“Hospitals require a constant flow of PPE through their supply chain and, with the initial stockpiles replenished, we were able to utilise more cost effective transportation methods to ensure that Victoria stays prepared for whatever the upcoming months may hold,” said C.H. Robinson Vice-President Oceania Andrew Coldrey.

“We’re proud to be a part of the team that ensures that Victorians continue to be protected during these uncertain times.”

When approached by C.H. Robinson, ANL was eager to support and facilitate the shipment of PPE for Victorians.

“At ANL we are grateful for opportunities where we are able to support the welfare of our community such asthis,” said Chris Sidwell, ANL’s Director of Strategic and Global Accounts.

“We’re proud to have been called on to support this important shipment, with more in the pipeline, for C.H. Robinson as a fowarder and their end customers.”

C.H. Robinson wants to thank the continued efforts of its strategic partners, governments and customs in making these essential deliveries possible and thanks all its staff and suppliers who have contributed to the effort of ensuring Victorian healthworkers continue to have adequate supplies of high-quality PPE.

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