AAX Service - APL Turquoise V120 Delay

AAX Service

APL Turquoise V120S / N – Delay

Further to our previous advices last week, we confirm that the vessel, APL Turquoise, has been moved to the anchorage off Fremantle without having discharged or loaded any cargo. The latest advice we have is:

  • Marine Orders 32 for the vessel remain in place, and as such we understand the MUA workforce will not work the vessel at any Australian port.
  • APL are continuing to examine options, and will make a decision later this morning on the next move of the vessel. We will inform you of the details as soon as we are aware of them.
  • Import cargo is likely to remain on-board the vessel until she can discharge at a port outside Australia. We will make immediate arrangements to deliver that cargo by the fastest means possible. Again we will make you aware of those arrangements as soon as we are aware of them.
  • We are endeavouring to make alternative arrangements for export and Coastal bookings. Our Customer Service and Sales staff will be in contact with you to assist with those options.

We regret the circumstances surrounding the delays of this voyage, but trust you understand we are doing whatever we can to reach a resolution with the vessel operator, and to make alternative arrangements for the carriage of your cargoes.

For further details please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Department Contact Number
Exports General 1800 246 246
Exports Reefer 1800 248 248
Imports 1800 245 245