Make The Switch: Paperless Bill of Lading

Transferring your documents has never been easier with ANL’s Paperless Bill of Lading. Enabling more efficient transactions with the same legal value between shippers and consignees, you can now transfer your digital bill of lading in a single click.

So what does this mean for our customers?

• Time-saving

• No risk of loss

• Management of the transfer at your pace

The “Paperless Bill of Lading” provides the same functionality as it does in its traditional format but with the added value of efficiency. With the click of a button, you can create a digital transfer with the same level of insurance coverage that paper bills provide.

The new form of BL can be transferred digitally and requires no physical copy. As the name suggests, the document does not have to be printed to bear legal value, providing greater reduction in costs with enhanced security.

First time using a Paperless Bill of Lading?

For security purposes, accessing & using Paperless BL requires signing an agreement (by shipper & consignee) with CMA CGM Group carriers: ANL, CMA CGM & APL.

Contact your local representative to make the switch today.