China National Day - October 1

October 1st celebrates China’s National Day.

Marking 47 years of bilateral relations, China is now placed as Australia’s largest import and export partner – totalling $118,379M of exports in 2018 and $74,903M of imports respectively. (1) In addition, China is also New Zealand’s biggest two-way trading partner, achieving a total of $27.77 billion the same year. (3)

In an effort to nurture the mutually beneficial relationship, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) came into force in December 2015. The Agreement was implemented as means to enhance the growing trade and investment relationship between the complementary economies. (1)

For Australia, China’s trade and investment maintains competitiveness of Australia's agricultural and manufacturing industries while also ensuring the competitiveness of our services providers. Following the establishment of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, 96 per cent of Australia’s goods exports enter China duty free. (1)

In 2018, Australia’s major exports to China included (A$M): (2)

• Iron Ores & Concentrates: 51,367

• Coal: 14,320

• Natural Gas: 13,699

• Gold: 5,789

While major imports from China were (A$M): (2)

• Telecom Equipment & Parts: 8,528

• Computers: 6,481

• Furniture, Mattresses & Cushions: 3,289

• Prams, Toys, Games & Sporting Goods: 2,600

Similarly, New Zealand’s largest exports to China were (NZ$B): (3)

• Dairy: 4.06

• Wood: 2.72

• Meat: 1.68

And biggest imports consisted of (NZ$B): (3)

• Electrical Machinery & Equipment: 2.16

• Machinery: 1.98

• Furniture: 0.71

Supporting this relationship from a service perspective, ANL offers a three-loop system: A3N Northern Express, A3C Central Expressand A3S Southern Express, which provides comprehensive coverage of North East Asia from Australia in addition to the ANZEX service which also caters for fast, competitive transit times between Australia, New Zealand and China.

Holding a long-term commitment to the A3 trade and ANZEX, ANL continues to be the best choice for North and East China.