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Introducing Paperless Bill of Lading

We are pleased to announce the launch of Paperless Bill of Lading (Paperless BL)! Offering secure, 100% online transfer built on blockchain technology, this feature is easy to use and eradicates the need to send a BL via post.

The Paperless BL replicates the same functions as a traditional paper Bill of Lading:

• It confirms the receipt of goods

• It acts as the contract of carriage

• It is a document of title

• Same level of insurance coverage.

This new form of BL can be transferred digitally and requires no physical copy! The document does not have to be printed to bear legal value. Shippers can now digitally transfer this Paperless Bill of Lading to their consignee in just one click.

How does Paperless BL work?

Once your shipment has been loaded and the vessel has departed, the Paperless BL will be issued.

You will be able to transfer it to your consignee instantly with one click on our eBusiness platform. (You can also receive email notifications when your Paperless BL are ready).

Then consignee can surrender it instantly to the port of discharge agency with one click using the eBusiness platform.

This feature is currently offered for $45 AUD per bill, and only for straight bills i.e. Named Consignee (not “To Order”).

First time to use Paperless bill of lading?

For security purposes, accessing & using Paperless BL requires signing an agreement (by shipper & consignee) with CMA CGM Group carriers: ANL, CMA CGM & APL.

Signing the agreement is handled electronically using “DocuSign” which makes signing so easy, saving your time.

For further details please contact our Customer Service Centre on:

Exports General 1800 246 246

Exports Reefer 1800 248 248

Imports 1800 245 245

ANL Customer Service Centre