Dedicated to Reefer Cargo Needs

As a team, we are dedicated to reefer cargo and our reefer fleet is one of the youngest and most advanced in the trade. We provide a wide range of reefer products and services, offering customers an innovative service combining quality and performance at the same time as protecting the environment. In addition to our reefer equipment we also offer a number of value added services including CSIT, Climate Control and Reeflex.


Cargo is provided with cold treatment under protocol in transit to eliminate insect infestation and clear customs without fumigation. CSIT can maintain premium status of cargo with no damage from treatment. Our advanced technologies and dedicated local operational and customer service teams can support our clients with monitoring, liaison with biosecurity agencies and terminals on behalf of customer.


Controlled atmosphere technologies allow management fruit cargo respiration, increasing shelf-life by being able to monitor and control CO2 in addition to humidity, ventilation and temperature. Climate can be controlled via passive (leveraging cargo respiration) or active (machine-created) systems.

Benefits of Climate Control technology from CMA CGM Group:

• With no chemical treatment, the integrity of the product and existing organic certification can be maintained.

• Avoid chilling injuries, provide effective decay control and help maintain firmness.

• Modifying the nature of the air in the container significantly slowing the ripening process of fresh produce, allowing for transit times up to 45 days.


Reeflex, a world innovation for the transportation of liquid products, is an alternative that allows for the transportation of liquids (juices, milk, compotes, syrup and all kind of oils) in a single bag. Reeflex offers capacities ranging from 12,000 to 24,000 litres and helps maintain the product’s nutritional and chemical properties thanks to a sterile environment and controlled temperatures. Each single-use bag is entirely recyclable, is produced based on the needs of customers and meets the highest level of hygienic and safety constraints.

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