Singapore Independence Day – August 9

August 9th marks Singapore Independence Day, and this year the celebration is themed ‘Our Singapore’ also celebrating the 200th anniversary of Modern Singapore.

Fast forward to 2019, Singapore now stands as Australia’s largest trade and investment partner in the Association of South-Eastern Asian Nations (ASEAN) and eighth largest trading partner overall.(2)

Underpinned by the Prime Minister’s Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to frame the relationship, the Singaporean and Australian counterparts use this platform to align on all aspects of the relationship across science, defence, innovation, education, arts and most importantly, trade. Being the first nation to recognize Singapore for their independence(2) and holding over 50 years of diplomatic relations, trade and business ties between the two nations are strong.

The major exports from Australia to Singapore from 2017-2018 included (A$m) (1):

• Natural Gas: 2,709

• Crude Petroleum: 1,605

• Gold: 1,157

• Refined Petroleum: 588

While the major imports ranged from (A$m) (1):

• Refined Petroleum: 8,173

• Computers: 363

• Edible Products: 266

• Essential Oils & Perfumes: 131

Assisting the logistics and transportation of key commodities, ANL’s direct calls on the AAX, AAX2, KIX, APR, and PAX services provide strong coverage by one carrier between Singapore and Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

With clients at the centre of our focus, ANL’s Singapore team provides both efficient and effective service to meet customer needs, with priority assistance around specific programs such as dangerous, speciality or out-of-gauge goods. Assuring personalised support to each and every one of our shipments, customers can have total peace of mind in shipping their cargo to any location, worldwide.

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