CMA CGM Group pricing capabilities provide you with a number pricing solutions including a fixed price, a consultation of all your existing quotes online or an instant quote when no reference is available.

SpotOn & Instant quote

Key differences

Instant Quote
Booking confirmation priority Yes No
Loading priority Yes No
Equipment priority Yes No
Cancelation / No show fee Yes Yes
Quote expiry 24 hours after generation online 15 days
Availability Pilot 6 trades Worldwide except SpotOn pilot trade

With SpotOn, you can quickly gain a quotation with secured spot, this will be available on ANL trades from December 2021. Using Instant Quote, you can generate an instant quotation online from which you can place a booking.

Please note that we are progressively extending SpotOn availability and coverage to all CMA CGM Group trades. Once fully deployed, SpotOn will supersede Instant quote. For the time being, you can still select Instant quote to instantanely get your online standard quotation.

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Access your negotiated ocean freight offers linked to your contracts online.

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