CMA CGM / ANL adjustment of Doc fee (Effective from 1st SEP, 2017)


Dear Clients,

CMA CGM/ANL will adjust the export doc fee/import DO fee (incl EDI & ESI) effective from 1st Sep, 2017. Below new tariff rate will be applied to all In & Out businesses under CMA CGM/ANL BLs.

Export DOC fee: TWD 1800/per set (0% of local VAT)

Apply to Original BL and Seaway BL (with/without using e-Commerce to submit e-Booking and e-SI)

Telex release fee: remain at TWD 840/per set (incl 5% VAT)

Switch BL Fee: remain at TWD 2625/per set (incl 5% VAT)

Import DOC fee: TWD 1800/per set (0% of local VAT)

Above new tariff rates are applied to all CMA CGM/ANL In & Out businesses Effective date: 01/Sep/2017 => base on O/B DATE