Manila Terminal Congestion: Government Mandates Container Withdrawal Deadline and Consequences

Following a Joint Administrative Order (JAO) issued by the Philippines authorities on 2 April 2020, please be reminded of the cargo (1) withdrawal deadlines below.

To ease worsening congestion at the Manila terminals, the order mandates – from the date of issuance of the Order (2 April 2020):

For cargo currently at the Manila terminals

All refrigerated containers:

  • must be pulled out from the port within 7 days
  • except chilled cargo, which must be pulled out from the port within 5 days

The refrigerated containers will be deemed abandoned 3 days after deadline.

Cargo beyond 30 days from date of discharge must be withdrawn within 5 days. Failing which, they will be deemed abandoned and subject to immediate disposition.

For cargo arriving after issuance of the JAO

All refrigerated containers must be pulled out from the port within 10 days from arrival. Failing which, they shall be deemed abandoned.

Please click here for the full JAO, which also details requirements for goods declaration for customs clearance.

We urge all customers to make the necessary arrangements to pick up your containers as soon as possible, and adhere to all rules stipulated in the JAO, as non-compliance is subject to further penalties.

Please note that all related costs, including but not limited to cost of transportation for relocation of abandoned cargo to outside facility for inspection, as well as cost of condemnation of cargo, will be for the customer’s account (2) .

For enquiries, please contact your local representative.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

(1) The scope covers cargo within the chilled and frozen category, as well as dry goods including but not limited to Out of Gauge (OOG) cargoes, described as heavy equipment or project cargoes stored on flatbed chassis.

(2) Pursuant to Provision 10 “MATTERS AFFECTING PERFORMANCE” of the carrier’s Bill of Lading Terms and Condition, please be informed that all additional costs, including but not limited to storage, demurrage and plugging costs or extra forwarding costs, shall be for Merchant's account and payable upon delivery. The carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to cargo resulting from circumstances totally beyond the carrier’s control, for which risks and costs shall be for Merchant’s account. In the event the Consignee defaults the payment, the carrier reserves the right to recover all related costs from the Shipper.