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Services Updates

Extending Coverage in North East Asia with CA6

ANL is proud to announce an additional product in the North East Asia Australia trade in CA6. Previously managed under the banner of APL, this service will migrate to ANL as part of the broader brand rationalisation project. By adding this service to the existing North East Asia Australia services in A3N, A3C, A3S and ANZEX, ANL is now able to offer unprecedented coverage of the region.


Services Updates

PCX Service – ANL Warrnambool 931S – Delayed

Please be advised that the ANL Warrnambool V931S departed USA 34 hours behind schedule due to berth congestion. Berth congestion in Auckland and slow productivity saw her depart 50 hours late. Bad weather between Auckland and Sydney delayed her further and due to berth congestion in Sydney, vessel is expected to berth on 12/9/19 - 1400 HRS.