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Service name Geographical description Schedules Sheet
A3C Sino Australia Service Schedule Of A3C Sheet of A3C
A3N North and East Asia <> Australia Schedule Of A3N Sheet of A3N
A3S East Asia <> Australia Schedule Of A3S Sheet of A3S
AAX South East Asia <> Australia Schedule Of AAX Sheet of AAX
ANZEX Asia - Oceania Schedule Of ANZEX Sheet of ANZEX
APR Asia <> PNG Schedule Of APR Sheet of APR
APX Australia <> PNG Schedule Of APX Sheet of APX
AUS1 - USLines USA - Australia - New Zealand Schedule Of AUS1 - USLines Sheet of AUS1 - USLines
BEX Black Sea <> China, Korea, South East Asia Schedule Of BEX Sheet of BEX
CIMEX Asia <> Middle East Gulf Schedule Of CIMEX Sheet of CIMEX
COLUMBUS - USLines Central & Sth China, Japan/Korea <> US East Coast & US West Coast Schedule Of COLUMBUS - USLines Sheet of COLUMBUS - USLines
EPIC1 North Europe <> Middle East/india Schedule Of EPIC1 Sheet of EPIC1
FAL1 China, SouthEast Asia, Arabian Gulf <> North Europe Schedule Of FAL1 Sheet of FAL1
FAL23 Asia - Europe Schedule Of FAL23 Sheet of FAL23
FAL8 Asia - North Europe Schedule Of FAL8 Sheet of FAL8
JAX South East Asia - Australia Schedule Of JAX Sheet of JAX
KIX Singapore - Port Kelang - Australia - NZ Schedule Of KIX Sheet of KIX
Manhattan Bridge - USLines Asia - North America EC Schedule Of Manhattan Bridge - USLines Sheet of Manhattan Bridge - USLines
MEX West Med <> Korea, China, South East Asia Schedule Of MEX Sheet of MEX
MEX2 West Med <> China, South East Asia Schedule Of MEX2 Sheet of MEX2
MINA Middle-East/India - Mediterranean Schedule Of MINA Sheet of MINA
NEMO N. Europe - Med Sea - Australia - South Asia - ISC Schedule Of NEMO Sheet of NEMO
NWX - USLines Asia - West Coast North America Schedule Of NWX - USLines Sheet of NWX - USLines
PEARL RIVER EXPRESS - USLines South China <> West Coast USA Schedule Of PEARL RIVER EXPRESS - USLines Sheet of PEARL RIVER EXPRESS - USLines
Perkins ANL Xpress (PAX) Singapore-Dili-Darwin Schedule Of Perkins ANL Xpress (PAX) Sheet of Perkins ANL Xpress (PAX)
PEX 3 - USLines USEC <> Asia Schedule Of PEX 3 - USLines Sheet of PEX 3 - USLines
PNW - USLines West Coast USA, Canada <> Australia New Zealand, Tahiti Schedule Of PNW - USLines Sheet of PNW - USLines
PSW1 - USLines West Coast USA <> Australia New Zealand, Hawai, Fiji Schedule Of PSW1 - USLines Sheet of PSW1 - USLines
TTZ Australia <> NZ Schedule Of TTZ Sheet of TTZ
VESPUCCI - USLines Asia - North America EC Schedule Of VESPUCCI - USLines Sheet of VESPUCCI - USLines
YANGTSE - USLines Central & South China <> West Coast USA Schedule Of YANGTSE - USLines Sheet of YANGTSE - USLines
Yellow Star Service - USLines Asia - North America WC Schedule Of Yellow Star Service - USLines Sheet of Yellow Star Service - USLines